Disney Store Purchases!

As soon as the Disney Store released their throwback collection I knew I needed to get some of it!

I had seen the VHS journals in a vlog ages ago and I was so desperate to have one! I was so excited when I saw they would be available in the U.K. in this collection! I really wanted the Hercules one but when I went to buy them it has sold out (it’s back in stock now so I might get it as well…) but I am so pleased with the Lion King and A Goofy Movie ones that I did get! I think the design of them is amazing and they even feel like you’re holding a VHS, and I love the front page with the video tape on it! They were so worth the wait and I’m really glad I got 2.

As I had to get something Hercules related I went for the pen. I think it’s really cute and it has lots of different colours in it which I love. I think if I do get another journal I will get some more pens as well! I think they’re really handy and it will be nice to write in the journal with it!

Something not in that collection, I bought my dad the Hulk oven mitts for Christmas as he is a HUGE Avengers fan! I have already hidden them away and forgot to take a picture of them first but they look like Hulk’s hands and have things on the bottom that help you to grip (I have no idea what to call them!) so I think he’ll really like them even if they are a bit of a novelty gift.

My Dad bought me the 2019 Calendar as a Christmas present and as it is a present I haven’t actually seen it yet but I have been told by my sisters that it’s really cute so I’m looking forward to that! It’s also a daily calendar so each day has a different picture which I think is really nice!

I love everything that I bought and I definitely want more (no surprises there!) but I will have to restrict myself otherwise I’ll end up spending all of my wages! I would love to know what you’ve bought recently and what you think of the new collection!



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