Potential Trips For Next Year!

As DLP have recently announced their schedule for next year I though I would do a post on potential Disney trips I would like to do next year!

First of all is a WDW and Universal Trip! We are hoping to go at the end of June next year for just over 2 weeks! We were thinking about a September/October trip as we really won’t to do HHN at Universal and MNSSHP but I don’t think my sisters will be able to have the time off of school/college which is a real shame! As much as it’s so hot and busy at that time of year I will take any chance I can get to go back to my favourite place, and there should be some new attractions open by then (fingers crossed for the new Harry Potter ride!). This trip however depends on how my Dad’s operation goes before we go so I won’t know for a while yet.

The next trip I would like to do is DLP for Season of Superheroes. I loved Summer of Superheroes this year and next year looks like it’s going to be bigger and better! I am also desperate to meet Groot! This will most probably be an Easter Holidays trips so fingers crossed for that!

The last one I would like to take next year is for Halloween! As it looks like WDW will be unlikely it will probably be at DLP but from what I’ve seen from this year it looks AMAZING! Plus you don’t have to pay extra for the festivities which is really cool! I have been desperate for a Halloween Disney Trip for year so hopefully next year will be my year!

I’m not going to lie the new summer theme of the Lion King (and Jungle Book?) next summer at DLP would also be great but I’m probably not going to be able to do 3 trips next year so that’s the one I wouldn’t mind missing!

If you have any plans for future trips I would love to hear them! And what do you think of the seasons announced by DLP?

Katie ✨


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