I got a PS4!

A few weeks ago I did a poll on Twitter (thank you to everyone that voted) about whether I should get an Xbox One or PS4 as I decided that was what I wanted for my Christmas present from my Dad (we went halves). The PS4 got a lot more votes so I went with that.

I didn’t just go for a PS4 though I HAD to get the Spider-Man limited edition console, which came with the game! It is beautiful, which is not something I ever thought I would say about a games console but it’s red and shiny with the white Spider-Man spider ‘logo’ on it. It was definitely the right choice for me, I’m not the biggest “gamer” but I love the Spider-Man game and I have bought the Lego Harry Potter game which is a big part of why I wanted a console at all.

The Spider-Man game is insanely good, and a must to get if you have a PS4! The graphics are amazing and the storyline of the game doesn’t get boring! I like that there are so many different types of missions to complete not just the main ones, as it means you can do whatever you feel like. I also like just swinging through New York and seeing different landmarks.

I would appreciate any game suggestions for when I have finished the 2 that I already have!



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