Disneyland Paris Summer of Superheroes

As a huge Marvel fan I knew I had to book my DLP trip to coincide with the Summer of Superheroes and I was not disappointed!


I massively enjoyed all the Marvel shows at the event and thought they were brilliantly done! The Guardians dance off was so fun, me and my sister had a great time doing the moves in the crowd! The Superheroes United Show was brilliant, and I loved that it had so many characters in it! I’d heard that there has been issues with it but there were none in the one I watched, and I had no complaints! The Stark Expo was also good, and I loved Spider-Man in it (I even got a wave at one point)! If you’re lucky enough to go before the end of the season make sure to check them all out!

Captain America Meet

If you read my last blog post then you’ll know that I absolutely loved this meet! It was so funny and I normally get nervous around actual people meets but I felt completely at ease! My only complaint is that there weren’t more Marvel meets as I would have loved to meet more characters, especially Loki and Thor. Hopefully if they do this event again there will be more amazing superhero meets. I’m sure there will be when the Marvel land opens!


The Iron Man, Hulk and Black Panther statues in the Production Courtyard were HUGE! They were brilliant photo opportunities and we had fun matching the poses. They were a really fun addition and made the courtyard look amazing!

Food & Merchandise

I unfortunately didn’t have any of the food, I really wanted a Groot shortbread but I forgot to get one whilst the stalls were open! I did however get a free Spider-Man keychain with my lunch at the Studios, which is now on my bag. I did manage to get the dancing Groot cup which I love and a mug with the Summer of Superheroes logo! I thought they had a brilliant range of merchandise and I took a while to decide what I wanted.


I loved what Summer of Superheroes had to offer and I hope they do it again making it even bigger! My only regret is not trying any of the food options!

I would love to know what you think about the event!

Katie ✨


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