Favourite Character Meets at Disneyland Paris!

One of my favourite things about Disney is meeting the characters, and as we didn’t meet many on my last WDW Trip I was determined to meet as many as I could when we went to DLP!

Captain America

This was by far my favourite character meet out of all of them! We all had such a good interaction and we were in there quite a while! He was really funny and seemed interested in everything we were saying, even getting me to whisper where we were going for my sisters surprise birthday meal! There was also an amazing cast member with him who was really nice to us beforehand and was joking with us (and occasionally laughing at us for being flustered!) which made it even better!

Chip & Dale

When we were sitting down in Studios Park they randomly appeared behind us so we got in the queue straight away. I’ve never met them before so I was really excited! They were so funny, and Dale immediately took my Rapunzel ears while Chip was miming long hair, and Chip took our autograph book and hid it! Dale also cupped my face in his hands when he put my ears back on my head! The whole experience put a massive grin on my face and I loved the whole thing!


This was our first character meet as soon as we walked into Disneyland Park during early magic hours. It was so cute and I felt like a kid again as I was so excited! We did some really cute poses and the pictures are some of my favourite from my whole trip! She also does a really cute ‘kiss’ when she hugs you goodbye!


Meeting Mickey is a must for every trip and this meet didn’t disappoint! As I walked up to him he mimed that I had bright eyes which made my day! Again we did some cute poses and he actually did a few extra than we’d seen with anyone else! My mum was recording and he did some silly poses towards her at the end!


In theory this is a good idea. We didn’t have to wait in long queues in the heat and we could plan around it. But it was so hard to get slots and we missed out on The Incredibles and Woody because of it which was disappointing!

Character meets are a big part of what makes Disney so magical and they did not disappoint at DLP! I’m just gutted I didn’t get to do more, and I would love to meet more Marvel characters!

What are your favourite character meets?



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