Thorpe Park Trip Review

This blog was supposed to go out on Thursday but as I’ve been ill I haven’t gotten round to writing it properly yet, so this week there will be 2 blogs!

Bank holiday weekend (end of August) I went to Thorpe Park with my family on the Sunday and Monday, so here is an overview of the trip!


On the Sunday we were aiming to get there for opening at 10am, however the forecast said rain allday (and there was) so we decided to get there for around lunch time. It was raining so much and felt so cold that we ended up going to a nearby shopping centre instead of the park! Luckily by the time we had dinner at 6:30 the rain had cleared and as it was a Love Island lates night we could go on the rides! On Monday, although it didn’t rain, it was a miserable weather day as well! It was such a shame because it puts a dampener on the trip.


On the Sunday evening when we were finally able to go into the park there was barely anyone else there! This was amazing as the wait times for pretty much every open ride was only 5 minutes! As we stayed in the Shark Hotel we also got fast-track for the rides for an hour the next day!

I’m not the biggest thrill seeker when it comes to rides, but my sisters are the opposite and went on EVERYTHING and loved them all! I did go on The Walking Dead Ride (I’m a fan of the show) which was amazing and so scary! It was just me and my sister, as we went on at night, so all the ‘zombies’ were focussed on us and I ended up sprinting out of there whilst screaming/laughing! I also went on the I’m a Celebrity maze type attraction, which was so funny, I don’t think I’ve laughed that much in a while! The actors in there were fantastic and the little ‘trials’ they get you to do are so fun, it had my whole family in stitches and was out last ride so the perfect way to end!


We stayed in the Shark Hotel on-site for 1 night. I have to say I was very disappointed! You’re in what looks like a storage container and the room is tiny! We had looked online and knew it would be small but I couldn’t believe how small it actually was, as a family of 4 we could barely move in there! The air conditioning unit was pumping out steam, there was no where to hang our wet coats and the fan in the bathroom drove me crazy all night! If you ever getting feelings of claustrophobia then definitely do not stay here! As it was raining so much we spent more time in the room than we wanted to, which was only made better by the fact Jurassic World was on ITV!


We got free breakfast included as we were in the hotel and it was really nice! It was buffet style and I ended up having a full English and a bowl of cornflakes! The drinks machine wasn’t working very well and when I tried to get juice it came out as cloudy water but it did seem to be working later on. The Sunday night was not as good. We had booked a table but there’s not actually anyone there to sign you in! We were given the wrong menus so after going up to order we had to change the whole thing, and they hardly had any drinks left! The guy serving us was very helpful though which slightly made up for the other bad parts.


I don’t normally like to complain about trips because I hate being negative, but this trip was not a great one! The rides are pretty great and I did have a very good laugh, but for everything good there was always something bad. We would never stay in that hotel again despite the benefits that it can give you, and I think it will be a while before we go back. I did enjoy actually being in the park so it’s a shame about everything else!

I would love to hear about any Thorpe Park trips you’ve had recently and how it compares!



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