Review of Disney’s Sequoia Lodge!

When I went to Disneyland Paris a month ago (can’t believe it’s been that long already), I had my first experience of staying at a Disney hotel as we stayed in Sequoia Lodge! Here is a review of the hotel for anyone who might stay there in the future- this is purely my opinion on things.


I thought the room was nice (we had just a standard room), the design at the top of the wallpaper was extremely cute, the beds were comfy and the shower was really nice! The only thing that let it down was that it was 100% clean as there were cobwebs in places! Outside our room it seemed there was a lot of car/lorry activity that could sometimes be quite loud which was a bit annoying. Overall though the room was a good standard for what I paid.


I thought the theming of the hotel was brilliant on the outside and in communal areas such as the lobby and bar! The shop was also really good, and although there wasn’t loads of variety I did make a few purchases in there- it’s also were you pick up your PhotoPass if you’ve pre-booked it. The corridors towards the rooms could do with updating, but otherwise it’s a great themed hotel! My sisters only used the pool once as we were so busy, originally this is why I paid more so that was a bit annoying but as I liked the hotel I pushed that aside.

Distance to Parks

It was a really quick walk to the village (5 minutes) as well as the parks (10-15 minutes) which give you views of the lake, other hotels, Disney Village and Tower of Terror! It was an easy walk and made it worthwhile paying a bit more to be closer.

Value for money

I thought it was relatively good value for money and I would stay there again! However, unless for some reason I had a bigger budget, I would probably stay at one of the cheaper hotels next time- especially Cheyenne which looks amazing- as I can then spend that extra money on something else.

Checking in & out

Checking in was really easy! There was no queue when we arrived and the cast member who served us was friendly and very helpful and he gave us all the information we needed! Checking out was not the same, the woman practically ignored us standing in front of us and was then very dismissive- it’s a shame that was our last cast member interaction at the hotel!


Overall I think Sequoia Lodge is a pretty good hotel! We had some good cast member interactions, the room was a good size for 4 people, and it was close to all the action! I would definitely stay there again but I would also like to experience some of the other hotels!

Katie’s Magic


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