Tips and Tricks for Disneyland Paris

Something that I often looked for before I went to Disneyland Paris was blogs or vlogs on any tips/tricks, and although I found some useful ones there wasn’t a big range (especially compared to WDW). I thought I would create my own based on questions I had before I went.

  1. When booking your DLP trip regularly check for deals, especially if there aren’t any when you first look. I found the DLP website had the best deal for me as I got 2 nights and 2 days free- without this deal I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford it! I’ve also seen other deals including money off meal plans and gift cards, so it’s always worth checking around and waiting for a deal. Disney tend to do quite a few early book offers.
  2. Before you go try to make a rough budget of the money you will need whilst you’re there- you don’t want to not have enough money for what you want. Obviously you won’t know exactly what you will buy but you can look at the restaurant menus to get an idea of food prices and think about what merchandise you want whilst you’re there. This really helped me whilst I was there, and I ended up having money left over.
  3. If you are driving from the U.K. you will need to pay a toll in France. On our journey there were 2 on the way there and 1 on the way back. On the way there you are given a toll ticket not long after you come off the Eurotunnel but you don’t actually pay it until about an hour later, and it came to about 22 each way.
  4. If you are planning on doing quite a few character meets I would recommend getting an autograph book and the PhotoPass. It is cheaper to book the PhotoPass when booking with the rest of your holiday. I think it is definitely worth the money as you get some lovely pictures and the ride photos can be hilarious!
  5. Only make rough plans as it’s hard to make full plans because you can’t book the fastpasses and you don’t know how long the queue times will be. I made a plan of which park to do on which day, and then the rides or shows we most wanted to do during that day. You can look at show/parade times once you get to the park and decide what time you want to go. If you are going at a peak time or only for 1 or 2 days I would recommend of having a list of things to prioritise as you won’t be able to do everything.
  6. If you are staying in a Disney hotel then definitely make use of the Early Magic Hours! In Disneyland Park this is a great time to do character meets with small queues (we met Minnie with hardly any wait!), ride Hyperspace Mountain or Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and then rope drop Big Thunder Mountain (the BEST ride) so you don’t have to wait in a long queue- we actually got on quicker as the people before us didn’t realise you could use both queues so we got straight to the front! At Walt Disney Studios Park you can do Ratatouille and Crush’s Coaster which I would definitely recommend as the queues for both of these get really long, and then you can pretty much get straight onto Tower of Terror!
  7. With the parade don’t worry about getting there really early for the perfect spot, we got there 10 minutes before it started and stood next to a pillar out side the Storybook shop (so further back than the main crowd) and we could still see most of what was happening. We also had some really good character interactions as we stood out from everyone else!
  8. Make sure to take a break during the day, and if it’s hot I would make this a priority! Disney can be exhausting as there’s so much to do and endless walking, so a break is essential if you want to be able to see the fireworks at night.
  9. If you going during hot weather make sure to take bottles of water with you. There are plenty of water fountains around the parks for you to fill them up. This will ensure you stay hydrated and will save you money, so even if it’s colder it’s probably a good idea to take your own.
  10. A big question I had was if I would be able to understand the shows. The answer to that is yes! They were partly in English and partly in French- one person would say something in one language and the other person would reply in the other language, so you could understand what was happening 95% of the time. The shows are also brilliant there so I would 100% recommend seeing any that you can.

So there you go, my top 10 tips and tricks for DLP! It’s a slightly longer one than normal but there was a lot I wanted to put in! I hope you find these helpful and if there is anything you think I missed let me know. Also if you have any questions feel free to ask away.

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