My Favourite Disneyland Paris Rides

For me Disney Parks are theme parks that are not all about the rides as there’s so many other amazing aspects to enjoy, but I definitely enjoy the the rides as well! Today’s blog, and the 2nd in my Disneyland Paris series, is about my top 3 favourite rides at both parks within Disneyland Paris.

So…the picture is a definite giveaway of one of my favourite rides! Big Thunder Mountain was 100% my favourite ride in DLP, I thought it was so much fun and you can see the joy in my whole family’s faces from the picture we got from the ride. I thought it was much better than the version that is in Magic Kingdom at WDW as I felt the Paris one was much faster! We rope dropped this ride and I would recommend doing that or getting there as soon as possible to get a fastpass as the queue gets really big. This ride is a must do in DLP and I wish I had gone on it more than once!

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin is one of my favourite rides in WDW and it didn’t disappoint in Disneyland Park! It’s such a fun ride with fun theming and even though I never get a very high score I still love it! I went on this ride during early magic hours meaning that we only waited 5 minutes! The ride also stopped a couple of times but as you could still play it just meant we got higher scores! This is a great ride for family fun.

Ratatouille was my favourite ride in the Walt Disney Studios Park (Crush’s Coaster was good but made me feel slightly sick!). This is another that we rode during early magic hours with only a 5 minute wait! I loved the queue for this one, especially when you’re ‘on’ the roof. It was a very cute ride and I loved the smell of food in the kitchen parts! I wanted to ride it again but the queue got so long we prioritised things that we hadn’t done yet!

Those are my top 3 rides and the ones I would most recommend, although my sisters’ would definitely say Tower of Terror and Rock’n’Rollercoaster should be on there! I’d love to know your favourite rides at DLP!

Katie’s Magic


6 thoughts on “My Favourite Disneyland Paris Rides

  1. foundationsandfairytales says:

    I didn’t get to ride Big Thunder when I visited as it was closed for a refurb or something so I’m super excited to finally experience it in December! I didn’t ride Ratatouille either as the queues were far too long so hopefully I’ll get to do that too! I did enjoy Buzz but my favourite ride by far was Crush’s Coaster it’s a shame it made you feel so sick! I’m hoping to get the courage to ride either Tower of Terror or Space Mountain this trip as I’m scared of heights and upside down rollercoasters but want to try and conquer at least one!

    Jess //

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    • Katie’s Magic says:

      Ahh you’ll love Ratatouille and Big Thunder Mountain! I’m still working up the courage to do Tower of Terror as well, my sisters keep trying to drag me on there!I did enjoy Crush’s Coaster but motion sickness is the worst!

      Katie’s Magic x


      • foundationsandfairytales says:

        See I get travel sick but didn’t feel it on that where as I’ve heard Ratatouille is bad for it so I suppose everyone is different! I hope you get the courage to do it soon, I’m hoping I do but will probably bottle it at the last minute x

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      • Katie’s Magic says:

        I was okay for travel sickness on Ratatouille but I can see why it mighty trigger it! I hope you do it too! I just really want to see what it’s like inside!x


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