My Disneyland Paris trip!

I’m back! I had the best trip at Disneyland Paris, it was short but so very sweet and we packed a lot into 3 full days (it was 5 days in total). Although it didn’t beat Disney World it definitely came close- I love Animal Kingdom so it could never win, but there were parts that I did prefer to WDW (Sleeping Beauty’s castle has Cinderella’s beat!).

I am planning a whole series of blogs including; tips, favourite rides, character meets, shows, and food, as well as a review of the hotel (Sequoia Lodge).

The weather was boiling! Air-conditioning is not the strong point of Disneyland Paris so I would recommend little fans and mist sprays if you’re going when it’s hot, the queues get pretty sweaty!

If you live in the UK I would definitely recommend a trip to Disneyland Paris if you’ve been thinking about it! We drove there and used the Eurotunnel, and the driving in France was so easy (a lot better than in the UK!) but the Eurotunnel was delayed 2 hours on the way there so I would definitely recommend regularly checking times when you’re travelling.

I’m already looking at future trips, mostly for Halloween, and the only thing stopping me from booking anything is that I haven’t found anyone to go with! Halloween looks fantastic at DLP so fingers crossed!

Stay tuned for the rest of the blogs which will be coming over the next few weeks! I would love to hear about any past or future trips to DLP from you guys!



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