Blog Change!

I go to Disneyland Paris in 2 weeks! I am working on ideas for DLP blogs for when I get back and I have plenty!

I’ve been planning a few changes for this blog for a while now and  I decided that now would be the perfect time to make them. These changes include a complete name change, and later I will be including more detail about me (as I am finally comfortable with revealing my first name and what I look like), and possibly a vlog channel! I am going to do a few test vlogs so depending on how they go I may start doing vlogs occasionally, and I am hoping to do a small vlog of my DLP trip!

My new twitter is katies_magic (the same account just a different name). I am loving interacting with people who love the same things as me! It’s a wonderful community! I am also thinking about creating an Instagram but I’ll see how the other changes go first!

I am very excited for what’s to come and hopefully it will be a successful change and I can grow my blog as I am really enjoying it and being in this community. On to better things! Hopefully I’ve done everything successfully! Things may still change slightly as I get used to the new theme!

I have been  inspired by other blogs/vlog channels that I have come across and they have made me want to improve my own platform!

So welcome to Katie’s Magic!



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