What I’m Looking Forward To At Disneyland Paris!

It’s less than 3 weeks until my trip to DLP (AHHHHHHH), and I am soooooo excited! I thought I would talk about what I am the most excited for on my trip!

First off is Marvel Summer of Superheroes! I am a HUGE Marvel fan so this is perfect for me. I’m looking forward to literally everything about it: the shows, meeting Captain America, the food (Groot shortbread!), the merch (Marvel ears and the Groot cup!), so yeah everything! I’m a little bit gutted that there’s not more character meets but I am very happy with Captain America and I have seen that Spider-Man sometimes makes a surprise appearance in the area. It also makes me so excited for the Marvel land that’s going to be in Paris soon!

I’m really excited to be in a Disney atmosphere again and feel the magic that it brings. I know it’s smaller than Disney World so I’m sure it will feel quite different- I’m not going to compare them because of this. I can’t wait to see what DLP has to offer and experience a whole new magical environment. As it’s closer to me I hope I will be able to go on more trips, and I would love to be an Annual Passholder!

Some of the rides that have at DLP look AMAZING! I’m so excited to go on some new rides like Crush’s Coaster, Ratatouille, RC Racer, as well as some that are similar to WDW like Thunder Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast! It’s a shame that Phantom Manor is closed as I wanted to see how it differs from WDW, and it always gets fantastic reviews- although I want one of the newspaper-type pictures you can get near there. I’m also really looking forward to Mickey and the Magician which I’ve heard nothing but great things about!

Although this list could go on and on (I could explain every Disney phenomenon…see what I did there?) the last thing I’m going to mention is that I finally get to stay at a Disney hotel!! I’ve always wanted to, and being able to walk to the parks and meet characters at the hotel is so great! Also the Bambi theming at Sequoia Lodge looks so cute. I also want to look in the Disneyland Hotel and Hotel New York (to see what it’s like before it gets a Marvel makeover!) whilst I’m there.

All in all I am extremely excited for this trip! If you’re going on a DLP trip what are you most looking forward to? Or if you’ve been what was your favourite part?

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