Dream Orlando Trip Dates

So this is 2 days late and my only excuse is that this lovely weather in the U.K. has distracted me immensely! Today I thought I would talk about times of the year I would most like to take a trip to Orlando in.

The first is my birthday, because what could make your birthday more magical than spending it at Disney and/or Universal?! My perfect birthday would be Animal Kingdom in the morning, and then Magic Kingdom in the evening watching the fireworks! I’ve heard so many lovely stories about cast members at both Disney and Universal making people’s birthdays extra special and magical, and would love to experience it for myself!

The next is Halloween! For 3 years in a row now I’ve gotten excited about the Universal announcements for Halloween and all of the videos I’ve seen look AMAZING! Mickey’s Not So Scary also looks awesome with different characters meets as well as trick or treating! I love fancy dress as well so it’s the perfect opportunity to go all out! I would love to spend 2 nights at each and experience Halloween American style! I am determined to go at some point in my life.

Another one is Christmas. Now I know it’s extremely busy over the Christmas period but I’ve been twice before and you just can’t beat the Christmas magic, and we watched Fantasmic on New Years Eve and it just made it that little bit more special! The decorations are beautiful and the merchandise is fabulous, but nothing can beat just the feeling you have whilst in Orlando at Christmas! I would also love to see the Epcot Holiday events as they look insanely good! Ideally I would love to go when they transition from Halloween to Christmas so that I could experience both in one trip (jackpot).

Anytime of the year that you go to Orlando there will always be something special, whether it’s one of the numerous Epcot festivals, the opening of a new ride, a Holiday season, or just the classic shows and parades, they’re all magical and something that we are lucky to be able witness! I would love to know your favourite time of the year to visit!

Magical Holidays


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