What I Love About Epcot

Hey everyone! I don’t know why but I’ve been watching a lot of Epcot vlogs recently so it inspired me to do a blog post!

The first thing I love about Epcot is Soarin’. It’s in my top 3 Disney rides and one of the first passes I got on our last trip! They had slightly changed it from the time before so it was like a whole new experience! The visuals are stunning, the theming like a plane journey is fun, and I love that they spray different scents to make you really feel like you’re there! I also love Test Track but I would alway prioritise getting a fastpass for Soarin’ and then seeing how long the queue is for Test Track when we first get into the park.

The next thing is Mouse Gear. It’s my favourite shop in Disney World as it has so many great things and you can always find a must have item! The layout is easy to get around, which is always a plus! Last year we spent a very long time in there whilst it was raining and I spent quite a bit of money! I always find it difficult to decide what to get because I love so much stuff in there!

Another thing I love is the Baymax character meet, as soon as me and my sisters saw this on the map we ran straight there! In previous blogs I’ve talked about how it was one of my trip highlights and it really was! I love Big Hero 6 and adore Baymax! Plus Baymax hugs are THE best hugs!

Another ride that I love is Journey into Imagination with Figment. It’s a fun, silly ride that always puts a smile on my face and a must do for every trip! I’ve recently seen some Figment backpacks that I love and I’m gutted that I can’t get one, next trip (whenever that may be) I’m determined to get something themed to Figment! I’ve heard a few rumours that they may replace this ride but I really hope they don’t!

And of course I can’t talk about Epcot without talking about World Showcase! We always tend to go clockwise (starting in Mexico). The so much variety here in both food and merchandise that it’s really hard to know what to pick! The British area is really cute and shows some of the nicer styles of buildings we have over here, as well as some cute merch! My sister absolutely loves the Japan shop and we spent ages in there looking around. You can always find a character there as well, especially the princess and Alice in Wonderland (we have some great pictures of my sister dressed up as Alice), which is always fun!

I’m really excited for what’s to come at Epcot with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Ratatouille rides, and I think they’re going to make an already awesome park more amazing! What are some of your favourite things about Epcot?

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