Tokyo Disney Expansion

Hi everyone!

So today’s blog is a bit different! As you may have seen they’ve just announced a new expansion at Tokyo DisneySea set to open in 2022, with a new port and 3 new areas based around Frozen, Tangled and Neverland! There will also be a new hotel within the area, and the views from the rooms will be insanely good! Each area will have a new dining facility (the Frozen one will be in the castle!), and there will be 4 new attractions (1 in Tangled and Frozen, and 2 in Neverland).

I have never been to Tokyo Disney but I’ve been looking at trips for a while now and I’ve been longing to go as it looks AMAZING from all the vlogs and pictures I’ve seen! This announcement has made me determined to go- although I might wait until 2023 so that the new area is not as busy. It gives me some time to save up! Let’s hope there’s nothing to stop me going as it is 5 years in the future!

I LOVE Tangled, it’s one of my favourite Disney films, and the area within Magic Kingdom was beautiful but I was gutted that there was no ride so this will be perfect- the concept also sounds fantastic. The concept art for all 3 areas look incredible, and I think Neverland in particular will be a really fun area! Obviously Frozen areas are coming to quite a few different parks, including Paris, but it will be interesting to see how similar/different they are.

I am really excited for this expansion even though I have no idea if I’ll ever be able to go, but I think that goes to show the impact and the magic of Disney! What do you think of the expansion?

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