Transport to Disneyland Paris!

Hi everyone! We have finally decided how we are going to travel to Disneyland Paris (it’s taken us a while), so I’m going to talk you through the options you have if you’re travelling from the UK- Eurostar, plane, driving with Eurotunnel or ferry.

So I’ll start with the option we have gone for: driving with the ferry crossing going from Dover to Calais. We went for this option in the end as although it takes 90 minutes longer than with the Eurotunnel (30 minutes), my mum wanted to take that time as a break from a long driving journey and this way she will get more of a rest and we can relax and eat lunch. It also means that with taking the car we can bring as much luggage as we want (and bring loads back!) which is helpful. Altogether, the trip will probably take 7-8 hours but as it’s a cheap option we don’t really mind, plus there’s the added bonus of more time to listen to a Disney playlist!! For this option you can pick from a variety of different times to suit your journey. The prices will vary depending on times and dates, click here for the website that we used. If you are driving and would prefer a longer break then I would recommend this option.

The next option is driving with the Eurotunnel, which goes from Folkestone to Calais. If you are going to be driving to Disney and want as short a journey as possible then this will be the option for you! The crossing only takes around 30 minutes, and it’s a relatively cheap option. You will still get a small rest from driving and you can take some time at each end to relax if you need to. I have been on the Eurotunnel twice before and it’s a easy, smooth journey.

Another option is by plane. This may be a better/easier option if you live quite far away from London/Folkestone/Dover, as it means you can travel to the nearest airport rather than making your journey unnecessarily long. Using sites like Kayak and Skyscanner means that you can find the cheapest options for flights. From the airport you can get a Magical Shuttle to Disney if you’re staying on-site(at an extra cost).

The last option is taking the Eurostar, which can be either direct or indirect. If you go for a direct journey then it will take you straight into Disneyland Paris, an indirect journey will include a change over at another station (this station is small so it’s an easy change). Although this tends to be the easiest option, it is also the most expensive (direct prices are mire than indirect). You can book it 3 months before your journey, so if you want to book your trip well in advance then you will have to wait to book Eurostar.

The travel option you choose will depend on your budget, how quickly you want to get there, and how easy you want your journey to be. I would recommend one of the driving options as you can go at your own pace, and don’t have to worry about how much luggage you have- remember to budget for fuel costs. If you have the budget for it, and live near one of the stations, the direct Eurostar would be the best and quickest option. The Disneyland Paris website also has some information about the travel options- you can book it with the trip or separately. If you’ve been before, what travel option have you used?

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