Booking Disneyland Paris!

Hi everyone! It’s less than 8 weeks now until I go on my first ever trip to Disneyland Paris and I am so excited!! I thought I would do a post on the booking process for this trip to give others some tips.

First you need to decide when you want to go. For me it was an easy choice as our trip includes my sister’s birthday and Summer of Superheroes, so how could I not book it for then? As it’s the end of July we will be there in peak time but as it’s her birthday I’m not that bothered by it. That is one thing that you will need to decide though, whether you want to go in a peak time or when it’s less busy (if you are worried about big queues and crowds) there are often calendars online as well as in the Disney brochure that show when peak time are- a very handy tool. Another factor that may have an impact on your choice is events/celebrations, and this may be within Disney itself (e.g. Summer of Superheroes or Mickey’s 90th Birthday) or something within your group (e.g. a birthday, engagement or anything that you want to celebrate), as these are likely to enhance your trip and add an extra sprinkle of magic (and who doesn’t love magic?). The budget that you have for the trip is likely to have an impact, if you go in busier times the likelihood is that prices are going to be more expensive so it depends on what you are willing to spend. The last factor will probably be weather, unlike Disney World there are going to be times where it is freezing cold and snowing in Paris so you will need to decide if going at that time will be suitable for your group, or if you’d prefer to go when it’s a bit warmer.

Once you’ve decided when to go you need to start looking at prices. Whilst I was searching for my trip I found that the deal Disney was offering at the time (2 days and nights free) meant that it was the cheapest place to book. It also meant that staying for 4 nights actually worked out at a better price than going for 3, so looking at different durations is always worth a try! Another feature is that Disney give you a few other dates and durations for your trip, some of which may be cheaper, which can help you make a decision quicker. It is always worth shopping around and checking the deals that are available to get the most for your money. Another thing to look at is if transport is included which I’ve seen available in some deals and it can save you quite a bit of money- I’m going to go into transport in another blog though.

Where to stay is a big factor in your booking process- we are staying at the Sequoia Lodge in Disneyland! With the deal that we found it wasn’t that much more expensive to stay on site and as I’ve always wanted to stay in a Disney hotel I thought this was a great opportunity to. I was originally looking at Santa Fe (the Cars theme looked fantastic) but my sisters wanted somewhere with a pool. All of the onsite hotels looked amazing so for me the deciding factor was budget and facilities- I paid slightly more so we could have a pool (they better use it!). It also seemed convenient to be able to easily walk to the parks, as well as have a shop and character meets within the hotel. There are some really nice looking hotels just out of the Disney site, that are only short bus journeys or 20 minute walks away and most offer breakfast included, if you’re on a cheaper budget.

So that’s most of your factors involved in booking Disneyland Paris, I will talk about transport in a separate blog as it’s quite a big area. Once I am back from Paris I’m hoping to do a top tips list. Make sure to do your research about hotels, events and prices to ensure you make the most out of this Magical Holiday! If you’re going to Paris I would love to know what your plans are!

Magical Holidays.


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