What I like to buy on my Magical Holiday

Hi everyone! I was tidying my room the other day and I sorted all of my Disney and Universal merch which gave me the idea for the blog! I absolutely love buying stuff in both Disney and Universal, and I always go overboard (it’s hard not too)!

First I’ll start with Disney. I always buy a phone case from the shop on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood Studios (although I can’t remember the name!), as I find they have the best range and there’s so many to choose from that I end up standing there for 20 minutes! On our last trip I got a Beauty and the Beast stain glass window case, and my sister got one with Mickey and the Gang in front of the Cinderella Castle- they can be quite expensive but they’re so lovely! Something that I had to get was the Chip mug which I immediately fell in love with and bought as soon as I saw it (you can probably tell I love Beauty and the Beast)! In World of Disney I found the most beautiful jigsaws, 4 with different Disney Princesses that looked like paintings- I didn’t get it when I first saw it and then couldn’t find the exact set that I wanted but I was still really pleased with the ones I have! This last trip was also the first time I bought ears, again there were so many that I couldn’t decided and ended up with the classic Minnie ears (which I still love). I also got an Epcot zipper hoodie from Mouse Gear in Epcot (my favourite Disney shop) which was my most expensive purchase but it’s so comfy and has a great design on- it’s okay to treat yourself! Disney is always a great place to get gifts and I got both of my parents a secret Christmas present from the Christmas shop in Disney Springs (I absolutely LOVE that shop), as well as a few other cute gifts like salt and pepper shakers, mugs and t-shirts.

At Universal I tend to spend most of my money within the Harry Potter world (I want EVERYTHING)! I always get Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans (we like to close our eyes and randomly pick a bean- I once had 3 raw sausages and then a rotten egg, I cried!), and a Chocolate Frog as I’m collecting the cards! I also love to get a t-shirt from here, and this time round I got one with the Deathly Hallows from Knockturn Alley (where I had a great cast member experience). On our second to last trip I got some big house themed cups that we bring out on special occasions! I also went to Gringotts to change some dollars for Harry Potter Money!

Another first was going into the Bubba Gump shop that’s attached to the restaurant as you walk into the Citywalk at Universal. I’ve always wanted to go in there but for some reason never have. It’s not very big but it has some really nice clothes in there, and the t-shirt I got is one of my favourites that I own! It’s also not as expensive in there as it is in other shops within the parks.

When buying things at any of the parks my advice would be if you REALLY want it get it straight away as you might forget where it was from (like I’ve done quite a few times), and if you’re not sure about something keep looking round other shops and go back to it if you don’t find anything else that you love- you don’t want to find something that you desperately want but don’t have the money left to buy it! Always remember that it’s okay to treat yourself on your Magical Holiday, especially if it’s an adorable Chip mug!

I would love to hear some of your favourite things you have bought from one of the parks!

Magical Holidays


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