Disney Dreams & Nightmares!

Hi everyone!

The subject of today’s blog was suggested by the Robson Family on twitter (thank you!), and I’m going to talk about some of my Disney Dreams and Nightmares!

My first Disney Dream is to stay on resort at Disney World! I have always wanted to stay in a Disney hotel but I’ve never had the chance to due to budgets and the number of people in my group. I would love to never have to leave Disney World whilst I’m there and have the Disney magic everywhere I go. The hotels I like the look of the most are Art of Animation (amazing theming), the Grand Floridian (with a castle view room), and Animal Kingdom Lodge (with a Savannah view room). I’m hoping to stay in one on my next trip, so fingers crossed!

My next Disney Dream is to go to Disneyland in California. I’ve wanted to go for a long time but as a family we’ve always chosen Disney World. I think the themed areas look fantastic, and there are a lot more Marvel meet and greets which I would absolutely love (bring on Summer of Superheroes in Paris!). I always feel really jealous when I see pictures and blogs of people there, especially with the Pier getting a Pixar revamp! It’s near the top of my bucket-list so hopefully I will get the chance to go at some point (if I can find someone to go with me).

An unexpected dream come true on our last trip was meeting Baymax at Epcot! He is one of my favourite Disney characters and I had no idea you could meet him until we got to the park, so we ended up running there whilst the queue was short! My grin in the pictures is huge and we got a lovely one of me and my sister hugging him (what an amazing hug it was!), so that was definitely a lovely memory to have.

I didn’t get the chance to watch the Happily Ever After fireworks show last time I was in Disney World which I was gutted about because I’ve heard it’s AMAZING – counts as a dream and a nightmare! It is a definite for the next trip even if I end up there on my own!

One of my Disney nightmares is sunburn… I got so badly sunburnt at Typhoon Lagoon that we had to leave Magic Kingdom early the next day because my skin felt like it was on fire! This was part of the reason we didn’t see the fireworks. Always make sure to put plenty of suncream on so you other park days aren’t ruined!

Another nightmare for me is deciding what to buy – which sounds silly, I know. Everything at Disney is so lovely and I want EVERYTHING. My Dad said on our last trip that if I conquered my fear and went on Expedition Everest he would buy me a t-shirt. The stress of picking one definitely got to me and it took me 5 days to pick one (and I regret not getting an Everest themed one- next time)! I find it so difficult to pick exactly what I want to buy, but I did end up getting some really lovely items in the end.

The queues at Disney can definitely be a nightmare, especially with my family. My Dad has a really bad back, refuses to ask for help, and can’t stand in queues for a long time, and if the queues are outside it can get too hot. This means that we either don’t go on rides with queues longer than 30 minutes, or have to listen to moaning the whole time (I would sympathise if he would ask for medical attention). It means that we can end up missing out on good rides if we don’t have fastpasses (missed out on the Mine Train).

Even with these nightmare, I will always choose to go to Disney over anywhere else. Hopefully I can achieve some of my Disney Dreams in the near future, and until then I have Disneyland Paris to look forward to! I would love to hear your Disney Dreams and Nightmares!

Magical Holidays.


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