Why I love Orlando holidays!

Hi guys,

I’ve spent a bit of time today changing the theme of my website to make it something I am happier with, as well as setting up a twitter account (@magical_blog). Whilst I was doing that I was thinking of ideas for a new blog post and this seemed like the perfect taste as I’ve been thinking about all the things I miss!

The first thing I miss is the weather. I know that sounds weird because it rains so much but as someone from the UK I’m very used to rain! It’s always nice to feel warm when it’s raining rather than feeling like I’m about to freeze, and having the sun on your skin feels amazing! So as long as it’s not too hot I love the weather in Orlando. I’m also a big fan of watching lightning (as long as I’m inside) so that’s also a bonus.

The next thing is the food! Everything about America is supersized compared to the UK but especially the food! We would go to the Publix near our villa most days to buy some of their fresh cookies as they’re the best I’ve ever eaten, and we would go through a box of 20 a day- I highly recommend trying them! Another thing was Wendy’s which we don’t have over here- their burger are my favourite of all fast food chains and our last holiday was the first time we had been there. And of course I can’t talk about food without talking about the parks. Some of my favourite food at the parks is: a Krusty Burger from Universal, the pizza from the Marvel area at Universal, the strawberry ice lolly from Disney, Elephant Ear Pastry at Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery (Animal Kingdom). Pretty much all of the food from the parks is of good quality- I will probably do a dedicated blog for food at a later date.

The factor I love the most about an Orlando holiday is the atmosphere. There is always so much fun to have, and the sense of magic in the air in the parks is a feeling that can’t be beat! Walking into the Harry Potter sections for the first time brought tears to my eyes, and the feeling of excitement and pure joy whilst walking down Main Street with Cinderella’s Castle right in front of you will never get old for me. Everyone is having such a good time, and even though you may be tired and have walked miles that excitement is always there. The rides and opportunities to meet the characters brings out the fun in me, and they are experiences that can’t compare to anything else. Meeting Baymax last year was an unexpected favourite moment for me- nothing better than sinking into him as he gives you a squishy hug. When I was younger I was always in wonder of how amazing everything is in the parks! The pairing of music and smells also wakens up your senses to make everything feel even more magical. Even just thinking about it makes me feel emotional! The fact that there’s always something new at, at least one of the parks gives added excitement every time we go and means that you can have that sense of wonder over and over again.

I would love to hear what you love the most about your past magical holidays! Any questions please feel free to get in touch.

Magical Holidays


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