Free Disney Dining Plan

Hi guys, so I’m a bit late this week on posting but I’ve had a virus all week and I didn’t think I would be able to write anything that actually makes sense! Unfortunately my plans for my own magical holiday next year have had to be put on hold but whilst I was researching for the trip I was constantly looking for updates on the free DDP offer, so I thought I’d give you some insight into what I found.

If you’re from the U.K. I have heard that the free DDP offer will be released from Disney around the 19th of April (next Wednesday), so I would advise looking at Disney forums and checking the website (as well as travel agents) from Monday. However, you can get quotes from Virgin now that include the free DDP- this must mean that it’s very close to being released from Disney! If you want a rough quote but are waiting to book through Disney I would advise doing a live chat on Virgin Holidays so that you can see what hotels are included (as not all Disney resorts are included) and what rooms are available for the time you want to go. This offer also tends to come with a $200 Disney gift card, which a Virgin rep confirmed to me.

Something to remember is that different tiered hotels get different things in the offer! For example, value hotels only get a free breakfast offer and no gift card (from Virgin, not sure about Disney) but moderate hotels get the quick service plan. It’s also VERY important to check if this is going to be the best offer for you to choose! It may be a good idea to roughly work out what you would spend on food to see if you would be better off waiting for an offer with money off rooms/tickets- I worked out that I would be better off staying at a value hotel with only free breakfast! This offer does mean that the stress of taking lots of money everywhere and budgeting for food whilst you’re there is taken away which may be more important to you than saving a bit of money!

I hope this information helps in deciding whether to choose the free DDP! Any questions get in touch!

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