Planning a Magical Holiday

Hi guys! So once you’ve booked everything you need for your Magical Holiday it’s time to do some planning! There’s so much to do in Orlando so you want to make the most of your time there, especially if you’re going from the U.K. as it may be a trip you can’t make that often! Things also tend to change a lot with rides getting replaced and upgraded constantly so you don’t want to miss out on anything you really want to go on or see!I would advise making a rough schedule for the time that you are in Orlando, as this will help you plan your time effectively by choosing where you want to be on each day and perhaps the rides you want to go on (including any fastpass bookings), making sure to include rest days if you have the time (rest stops or half days if not). You will however need a sense of flexibility especially with days you may plan to go to a water park as they are weather dependent- from experience I would advise going to the water park as early as possible and leaving just after midday to avoid the worst of the weather. I made a rough plan on our last trip by making a simple table on word and adding in fastpass bookings and the parks we intended on going to on each day- we tried to make rest days at the weekend as that’s when the parks are busier.Fastpasses are something that I highly recommend for the Disney parks as they are completely free and you can pre-book 3 for each day in advance (60 days if your in a Disney hotel, 30 days otherwise) and you can add more once you’ve used them! This allows you to get on some of the more popular rides without having to wait in the long queues which can be really handy in making the most of your time in Orlando! Sometimes the fastpasses for the new rides (e.g. the avatar rides at Animal Kingdom, and Mine Train at Magic Kingdom) are gone before the 30 day window has opened, so in this case I would advise booking fastpasses for other rides for later on in the day and getting to those rides as soon as the park opens- this also works for any rides you can’t get fastpasses for! Unfortunately you have to pay for them at the Universal Parks so we have never got any, but if you get there early enough then you can get on a lot of rides quickly and if you have the money then I feel it’s probably worth it for some of the big rides especially on busy days!Any questions feel free to get in touch!Magical Holidays


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