Favourite rides at Universal and Islands of Adventure

Hi! So today I thought I’d do something a bit different and a bit more fun! I’m going to talk about my favourite rides at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure- I’ve joined them together because we tend to do both parks in the same day.

First is EVERYTHING Harry Potter! This is one of the main reasons we got to Universal and I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan! We always head straight to one of the 2 areas as soon as we get to the parks to get on one of the rides quickly. Let’s start with Hogsmede; walking in there is amazing, they play music from the films and the whole place is visually fantastic with a view of the castle in the background which is also stunning! There are 3 rides in this area and my favourite is the one that’s actually inside the castle. The queue for the ride is brilliant as you walk through the greenhouses and the castle itself with different set replicas and videos playing. The ride takes you through further areas of the Hogwarts grounds where you meet the Golden Trio and giant spiders along the way! It’s an amazing ride but can set off my motion sickness (but I feel like it’s worth it). Next get over to the station and get on the Hogwarts express to Platform 9 3/4- although the Hogsmede station isn’t as visually stimulating the Kings Cross station makes you feel like your in London (and as someone from England I feel like they’ve done it pretty well) and right there on your way to Hogwarts! There’s different videos depending on which way you’re going and they’re both brilliant and get you excited about the new area you’re going to. Once you’re off the train you can go into Diagonal Alley where the Escape from Gringotts ride is; this is another amazing ride and is my favourite in both of the parks. It takes place at the same time the Golden Trio are in Gringotts in the Deathly Hallows, but you are with Bill Weasley. You see many characters throughout the ride and there are drops and spins to keep you excited. The queue for this ride is also really fun as you feel like you’re going into Gringotts as a customer and there are videos to keep you occupied. I would highly recommend visiting these areas, especially if you are a fan of Harry Potter!

Next is my 2 favourite rides in Islands of Adventure. The first is Jurassic Park; this is another one where the queue keeps you occupied with videos about the Park, you then get on a boat to explore and see the dinosaurs. There’s a big drop in this ride and you may get slightly wet but it’s so fun! There’s a picture taken as you go down the drop and it was the best picture that’s ever been taken of me and my sisters as our faces has such different expressions and they were all hilarious, but I didn’t have any money on me to buy it! The second is Ripsaw Falls in the cartoon area; on this ride you will get SOAKED, I was dripping wet! This is another one with a very big drop and reminds me of Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom, but the queue for this ride is quite boring and the wait can be really long, but if it’s a hot day then it’s a good way to cool down.

Moving over to Universal Studios, Men in Black is my favourite ride! The queue has things to look at whilst you wait and the cast members working there are always amazing and interact with you. The last time we went the man who greeted us was so funny and it made it really memorable. The ride itself if also really good as the goal is to shoot as many aliens as possible to get the highest score- we get very competitive as a family! Another one is the Shrek 4-D show, it’s set after the first film and has a really good story. The 4-D aspect makes it fun as your chair moves and you get sprayed with different things, making us all laugh!

There are quite a few big rollercoasters at both of these parks but I’m not really one for big rides but my sister LOVES the Hulk ride and Dragons Challenge (however the latter is closing in September), so if you love big rides then check them out as well!

If you have any questions then feel free to get in touch!

Magical Holidays!


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