Accommodation is an important factor in your magical holiday. Where you stay can make your holiday more magical or a bit of a nightmare depending on what you choose. The best tip is to ALWAYS pick what’s best for your group not just what looks to be the best on the outside.

  • Villas- we have always stayed in villas and have found that they fit well with our family. The one we stayed in last year was HUGE! It was a lot better than we expected it to be and the size meant that we could all have our own space (which we tend to need). It also felt like a home away from home which was lovely. There was also a Disney themed room which would be great for kids. Now the perks of villas are that there are SO many options with some many different amenities in a variety of areas so you can decide exactly where you want to be- you can be close to all parks as well as shops and restaurants. They also give you quite a bit of freedom as you’re not all in the same room, you can have you own pool, drive wherever you want to go and eat whenever you want. Having said that you don’t get the perks of staying in the theme parks and if you don’t want to drive this may not be the option for you. This is one of the websites you can use:
  • Disney resorts- staying in at a Disney resort has many of its own perks and is something I would really to do (I’m looking into booking a holiday at the moment but I’m not sure it will go ahead). Extra magic hours, free transport and great offers are just come of the perks that come with a Disney hotel. For example: free Disney dining plans mean that you can eat for free on your magical holiday when you book a moderate-deluxe hotel. This is something that could save you a lot of money and stress whilst you are there. Staying at Disney means you have the magic of Disney with you all the time. However, rooms can be small and for a larger group of family they may not be the best option if you feel like you need some space.
  • Universal resorts- although the theming is a great as in Disney hotels the Universal hotels are still pretty great and like Disney they have hotels for all budgets. Perks include: transport, early admission to Harry Potter attractions and Volcano Bay, as well as free fast passes (although this one isn’t included in the lower budget hotels). But again if you need space then maybe this isn’t for you. They also have a brand new hotel opening in August which they are doing pretty good deals for at the moment so check that out.

Booking accommodation is all about what’s right for you! If you feel like you may need some extra space and freedom but would still love to experience a resort hotel you could book to stay in both a villa and a resort hotel (budget dependent of course) but this is something that could make your holiday as magical as possible! Any questions feel free to get in touch!

Magical Holidays!


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