I’m back! I had a lovely, although short, holiday but I’m back home now! During the holiday and since I’ve been back I’ve been looking at booking my own Magical Holiday for my birthday and one of the big things is having a budget! So that’s what today’s blog is about.

First things first (and what I’m trying to do at the moment) is setting a realistic budget, although you may need to be slightly flexible this is an essential part of booking and planning your magical holiday! Make sure to include the time that you’re on your holiday in your budget so that you don’t have to stress whilst you’re there! It needs to include all the essentials: flights, accommodation, tickets, insurance, food, merchandise (yes that’s essential), as well as any other extras you may want to add on. When booking your holiday you can often only pay a deposit at time of booking and pay the rest nearer your holiday meaning you have time to save money (and possibly expand your budget).

Sticking to your budget can be difficult when you’re booking such a magical place with so much to offer, but the key is to shop around and not go overboard! Only book the things you really need and don’t book anything that’s expensive just because it looks amazing- we got a cheaper villa last year and it turned out to be the best one we’ve stayed in! Equally don’t book to stay in Disney or Universal just because of their names if it’s going to break your budget! Shopping around is essential! I’ve been looking at websites like Kayak and Skyscanner for flights and I’ve found some amazing prices, including ones for premium economy, that I am desperately hoping to book within the next week (dependant on if I can find someone to come with me!) so I would definitely advise looking on there. Always look out for deals and look on forums to see when good deals usually come out, as they can be very helpful within things such as free nights and free meal plans.

A budget can seem like a restriction but it actually can make your holiday less stressful and less expensive (I think the 2 go hand-in-hand). If you have any questions feel free to get in touch!

Magical Holidays.


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