When to go to Orlando

Before you can make any other plans you first have to decide when you want to go on a magical holiday to Orlando. There are many different factors that can affect this decision so I’m going to talk you through some of them.

The first is whether you can go during a peak season this includes any school holidays, especially summer and Christmas. If you do choose to go at one of these times you should expect higher prices and longer queues. However, these tend to be the times when there is more going on in terms of shows and entertainment, as well as when more rides are open all the time (they often plan refurbishments for quieter seasons). If you are willing or able to pay extra then the positives can outweigh the negatives, and the use of fastpasses (which I will talk about in a future blog post) can get you on to your favourite rides without the long queues. If you regularly check the Disneyworld website along with popular travel agents you may be able to find offers for peak seasons that don’t break the bank.

Another factor is the weather. Going during the summer seems like the best time as you will have a longer period in which you are able to go and can have a longer holiday if possible. However, the summer in Florida is EXTREMELY hot and as a Brit who doesn’t see a lot of very hot weather I struggled for the first week of the holiday to adjust to the temperatures. If you have very young children or are travelling with an older person I would advise going at a different time of the year, as walking round the parks in 40•C heat can be draining and cause illness and fatigue easily. You don’t want to spend money on what you believe will be the holiday of a lifetime only to get there and not be able to do everything you want to. Going towards the beginning and end of the year is a time when the weather won’t be as hot and will be more bearable. If you need to go during a holiday that’s not Christmas I would suggest Easter as from experience it’s not at hot.

Another factor is whether you want to be there for a celebration/event. I have been to Orlando at Christmas twice and can honestly say that it was MAGICAL! I mean all of my holiday there have been amazing but Christmas takes it to another level! Everyone seems happier, the decorations are beautiful and there’s nothing that can beat it here in the UK- it’s also nice not to be freezing cold all the time. If you are able to I would 100% advise going to Orlando at Christmas once in your life. I’ve never been at Halloween but it’s something that is on my bucket list as no one does Halloween like America, especially in Universal. Themed shows and decorations are what you can expect with Disney being a more family friendly option whereas Universal will cater to a slightly older audience but both look absolutely fantastic. You can also look out on their websites for certain special events which can include food festivals at Epcot or Harry Potter conventions at Universal- these can make your holiday even more special.

I hope this can provide you with some help in deciding when to go on your magical holiday. Any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments or get in contact.

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